HP Tronic is proud of its origin as a classic entrepreneurial upstart. The entrepreneurial spirit has been preserved and over the years it has contributed to the company being recognized for its ability to convert ideas to business, create growth and value for customers, employees and for the company itself.

The award goes to people that through their own active involvement have proven to posses genuine entrepreneurship.

“Göthe Parkander’s Price”, 2008

The award goes to entrepreneurs that have the ability to realize business ideas and create growth.

“Swedbank’s Enterprise Price”, 2007

The award was received in the genre ”Towards Sustainable Development”. The award was presented by Sweden’s King Carl Gustaf, and the Government’s Minister for Environmental Affairs, Anna Lindh.

”Best Industrial Environmental Effort”, 1998

”Entrepreneur of the Year – Province of Kronoberg”, 1997

Other distinguished recipients of this great award amongst companies’ and entrepreneurs include:

Martin Gren, Axis Communications, 2008

Laurent Leksell, Elekta, 2007

Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA, ”The Entrepreneur of the Century”, 2004

Torsten Jansson, New Wave Group, 2003

Ulf Eklöf, Stadium, 2000

The annual award for ”Best Company in Ljungby City”, 1995

“Award for Best Technical Support to Electrolux”, 1993

Winners of the national awards “Entrepreneur of the Year” are nominated to the competition “World Entrepreneur of the Year”. In 2009, China’s Cao De Wang, Chairman of Fuyao Glass Industry Group, was awarded the “World Entrepreneur of the Year” price.