HP Tronic grows together with our customers and we aim to create reliable long term relationships. Mainly by providing cost effective and predictable solutions. On time and within budget. We want to be a trusted partner. Focusing on helping your business grow.

Our customers are within a wide range of industries, from health care, packaging and food processing to heavy duty vehicles, energy preservation and professional major appliances to name a few.

Code of conduct

HP Tronic Group is aware of its social responsibility, and the goal is to combine business with social and environmental responsibility. The Code of Conduct clarifies the Groups position and commitment to all customers, suppliers as well as to employees and with other partners. The overall goal is to ensure the respect of human rights, labor rights and environmental protection, both within the Group and with our business partners.

The Code of Conduct is based on internationally recognized conventions on human and labor rights, and international environmental regulations. Companies, or sub-contractors to companies, that supply products or services to HP Tronic Group are to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Business policy

HP Tronic offers development, manufacturing and logistics of wiring harness, of control- and of test systems for industrial applications.
Sustainability is an essential part of all our acts, from the first business contact and throughout the entire life cycle of the product.
The priorities steering us towards sustainability are:
1. Safety, 2. Environment, 3. Quality, 4 On Time Delivery, 5. Finance

It is important to see these priorities as concurrent. We prioritize our safety and the environment while we at the same time are maintaining high quality, on time delivery and while also maintaining competitive pricing. The order of priority is only to be used when we must choose between the priorities.
“Made by HP Tronic”

Every achievement is important for the long-term sustainability.
“Small things make a big difference”

Our target is to maintain long-term business relationships. Every business transaction must be conducted in such a way and be of such quality that it constitutes a good reference for future business and that it strengthens the relationship with our clients.
”Your Mission, Our Ambition”

By being a leading company within our business area and a customer focused partner who by geographical adherence develops and evolves with our customers, suppliers and employees, we shall be the customer’s first choice as a business partner.
”Together we aim for world class”

Treat your coworkers and your surroundings with respect. We talk to each other and not about each other.
We offer our employees good opportunities to develop and to be involved. For example, most of our recruitments are done inhouse and we encourage our young employees to take on responsibility by offering them positions where they can evolve.
“See the employee for who they can become. Not who they are today”

Each employee is responsible for quality and for sustainability, while management has the ultimate responsibility for the management system to operate efficiently and support the business strategy.
Management and employees are dedicated to their work and are acting with responsibility and resource awareness.
Sustainability for HP Tronic refers to developing the business in such a way that it also creates long term value for our societal stakeholders by utilizing a business strategy focusing on ethical, social, environmental, cultural and financial aspects of doing business.

This is done by:
· Acting according to the HP Tronic Group Code of Conduct
· From a lifecycle perspective and together with our customers and suppliers, selecting environmentally friendly and energy efficient components and products.
· Using not only efficient but also environmentally friendly processes for production and transportation.
· Continual improvements of production processes, products and services.
· Meeting or exceeding the relevant environmental and regulatory requirements from customers and other stakeholders.
· Responding to our customer’s requirements and expectations by continual improvements of our processes.

Become a customer

Joining HP Tronic as a customer will most likely be the start of a long and fruitful partnership for both of us. Talk to one of our customer reps today and learn what we can do for your business.