HP Tronic grows together with our customers and we aim to create reliable long term relationships. Mainly by providing cost effective and predictable solutions. On time and within budget. We want to be a trusted partner. Focusing on helping your business grow.

Our customers are within a wide range of industries, from health care, packaging and food processing to heavy duty vehicles, energy preservation and professional major appliances to name a few.

Code of conduct

HP Tronic Group is aware of its social responsibility, and the goal is to combine business with social and environmental responsibility. The Code of Conduct clarifies the Groups position and commitment to all customers, suppliers as well as to employees and with other partners. The overall goal is to ensure the respect of human rights, labor rights and environmental protection, both within the Group and with our business partners.

The Code of Conduct is based on internationally recognized conventions on human and labor rights, and international environmental regulations. Companies, or sub-contractors to companies, that supply products or services to HP Tronic Group are to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Environment policy

HP Tronic shall prevent and reduce the company’s environmental impact, including reducing transportation, electricity, water, cooling and heat consumption, as well as reducing and recycling waste.
Our efforts shall be guided by an equilibrium of what is technically feasible, economically reasonable and ecologically motivated.
HP Tronic must comply with all relevant environmental laws and other environmental requirements that concern HP Tronic.
Our commitment is to protect the environment, including pollution prevention, and carry out continuous and lasting improvements in our Standard Operating Policies & Principles to achieve better environmental performance.

Quality policy

We will develop, manufacture and deliver products that keep such quality that they are consistent with the customer’s needs and requirements. Based on customer feedback, we will carry out continuous and lasting improvements in our operations.
Our aim shall always be to deliver a flawless product at the right place, the right time and the correct cost.
Total quality shall apply in all our operations, from the first customer contact to delivery and invoice. Each achievement is of importance to the total quality.
All HP Tronic employees, as well as employees at suppliers, distributors and retailers shall understand their role and take responsibility for the quality of their work.
We have established and we have measurable quality goals, which are regularly monitored and reviewed.
Our most important measure of quality is the satisfaction of our customers.

Become a customer

Joining HP Tronic as a customer will most likely be the start of a long and fruitful partnership for both of us. Talk to one of our customer reps today and learn what we can do for your business.